Recomended Software After Installing Windows

When you installed new operating system especially windows. We recommend you to install some softwares like:
  1. Browsers and Plugins
    There are many browsers, but we recommend you to install Mozilla Firefox and do not forget to install Flash Player.
  2. Audio
    Listening your favorite music with Winamp or Jet Audio + MiniLyrics.
  3. Video
    We recommend you to install Media Player Classic.
  4. Messaging and Chat
    You can use Yahoo Messenger to chat with your friend.
  5. Office
    Microsoft Office is not a free software so you have to buy it. However, there is also a free one, it is Open Office. Next you should install Adobe Reader to read pdf files.
  6. Download Manager
    IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) is the best download manager. You must install it to your computer.
  7. Compressed Tools
    If you wanna install a game from CD or DVD, it usually there are some file have to be extracted, so we recommend you to install Winrar.
  8. CD and DVD Tolls
    We recommend you to install Daemon or UltraISO.

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